Teaching Experience

Courses Taught

Ball State University:
Statistics (Spring 2018)
Research Methods in Psychological Science (Spring 2018)
Psychology of Prejudice and Discrimination (Fall 2017 - present)
Industrial Psychology (Fall 2019)
Attitudes and Persuasion (Spring 2019, Spring 2022)
Research Seminar (Fall 2020, Fall 2021, Fall 2023)
Diversity Issues in Psychological Research (Fall 2017, Fall 2018, Spring 2023) *Graduate seminar
Social Psychology of Attitudes (Fall 2018, Spring 2020, Spring 2022, Spring 2024) *Graduate seminar

College of Wooster:
Introduction to Statistics and Experimental Design (Fall, 2016; Spring 2017)
Attitudes and Persuasion (Fall 2016; Spring 2017)
Stereotyping and Prejudice (Spring 2017)

Ohio State University:
Introduction to Social Psychology, Writing-Intensive (Fall, 2012; Fall, 2013)
Introduction to Social Psychology (Fall, 2014)
Stereotyping and Prejudice (Spring, 2015)

Research Mentoring

Supervised Graduate Research Theses
2023 - Deer, Rylan. Measuring perceptions of the identity threat and safety cues in a university context.
2023 - Hovermale, Olivia. Moral arguments and perceived system changeability in advocating for prison reform.
2019 - Schultz, Tollie. Ideological certainty as an amplifier of moral message matching.
2019 - Richard, Keith. Certainty effects on perceived bias and downstream effects on persuasion.

Supervised Undergraduate Research Theses
2023 - Pittman, Kyle. Racial biases in selective exposure to entertainment media.
2023 - Zent, Madisen. Effects of affective vs. cognitive appeals on jury decision-making: A matching perspective.
2022 - Lopez, Brianna. Examining whether statistical or narrative messages generate greater concern about the Black-White wealth gap.
2021 - Burton, Bobbie. The effect of moral versus self-interested reasons for diversity on institutional trust and organizational commitment.
2021 - Robinson-Stevens, Paulie. Gender, social status, and attributions of responsibility in an instance of sexual assault.
2021 - Trentadue, Joseph. COVID-19 and mask-wearing support: Using moral foundations in persuasion.
2019 - Beaver, Jessica. Accent stereotypes and their accompanying effect on persuasion.
2017 - Bacon-Ehlers, Sarah. Empathy and similarity-attraction within a group setting.
2017 - Brouse, Linea. The effects of video games on group perception and prejudice reduction.
2017 - Hopper, Benjamin. Inquiries in the psychological mechanisms of small money political donations.
2017 - Schriber, Victoria. The relationship between self-esteem, ambivalence, and relationship outcomes within romantic partnerships.
2017 - Zhou, Siyan. Persuasion by racial minority sources: The role of gendered stereotypes.
2013 - Yang, Huidong. Understanding culture matching effects in advertising.